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The Organization of Indian Muslim & Islamic World For Peace OIM-IWP has created the following Departmental Committees, which discuss and advice to the Governing Body, to harmonize the various approaches of Indian Muslim and Islamic World, and then present to a plenary meeting of the Governing Body draft resolutions and decisions for consideration.

The Following Departmental Committees are :

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EFAC - Economic & Financial Affairs Committee

SC - Shariah Committee

SHC - Social & Humanitarian Committee

PAC - Political Affairs Committee

LAC - Legal Affairs Committee

FAC - Foreign Affairs Committee

ERC - Education Reform Committee

IBTC - International Business & Trade Committee

JRC - Judicial Reform Committee

PRC - Police Reform Committee

WAC - Women Affairs Committee

YAC - Youth Affairs Committee

MHC - Medical & Health Committee

SCLC - Scholarship Committee

ZKTC - Zakat Committee

MDAC - Media Committee

RBNC - Rehabilitation Committee

HAC - Home Affairs Committee

HRC - Human Rights Committee

ASC - Awards Selection Committee

SCEC - Sports & Cultural Exchange Committee